Sex therapist Gianna Michaels

Gianna uses all her pornstar knowledge to help other girls with their sex questions.

In this reality video, sex therapist Gianna gets a call from a young lady who is nervous her man will leave her because she is so inexperienced. Gianna and her assistant head over for a consultation, and quickly find out what the problem is. The girl just needs more confidence! They set up a scenario to re-enact her flirting and foreplay, and build on that with some pointed tips. Gianna encourages her to keep going further, until she somehow finds the assistant’s dick in her mouth! Gianna helps out as well, and before she knows it they are in a free-for-all threesome with dicks and pussy everywhere. If having a threeway with Gianna Michaels doesn’t give her enough confidence to keep her man, nothing will!

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